Day 2

Am I actually going to write about how day two is going…Yes I am. IT WAS AMAZZING!

First of all, Day 2 did not start when I walked into the classroom and started clearing desks to make room to move about, no, Day 2 started late at night, sometime after my Day 1 blog in dreams of how the lesson the next would be. I lay back on my bed, hands tucked behind and under my head, staring into the thick blackness as I rearranged my previously written lesson plan. How can I challenge these ladies? I need to get them out of their comfort zone! And alas the blackness took over and soon I was waking up to an orchestra of alarm clock sounds, crickets, roadside cars already on their way to work, and that ever present early morning distant conversation that can be heard if one wants to hear it. I was ready!………….Was I?

We started, my hands were actually working and my mind was actually processing whatever it was I was saying. I knew my goal and I targeted for it. The girls must have known because, as soon as I switched on the music, a calm penetrated the room and everyone knew that we were in drama class; don’t talk, don’t sing, just relax and focus. The sighs were louder, the intention was greater, my instructions were clearer…. I know that because I saw the students carry them out without question or hesitation. EUREKA!

But the cherry on the cake came in the third exercise of eye contact. I remembered my days as freshman in college and how I detested eye contact with that gorgeous blue-eyed male who confused every muscle in me and made me doubt the existence of my nose and breath. Here I was leading this very same exercise and seeing gushing students struggle with focusing and fumble with fingers. Instead of let them sit-out, I said: “Well done”, “stay in the attempt”, “focus”, “let yourself be seen”. I felt evil yet satisfied. A nervous but daring silence took over the room then. Partners advanced closer to one another and allowed themselves to been seen. The “it ” factor approached, Presence; The goal of every actor. At once I understood why these girls had chosen my elective. Suddenly, I saw them and why God had placed me there: to shake things up and allow them to discover themselves. What a treasure? What an amazing gift?